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How It All Started

The idea originated in 1995, when Raven Radio Production Manager, Ken Fate, was playing some Spanish music in honor of the annual San Fermin Fiesta, during which dozens of men run down a narrow street with the bulls, on their way to the bullfighting rings. Caught up in the spirit of the season, Ken blurted out that because Sitka is a fishing town, locals should celebrate the return of the spawning salmon in a way that would be equally as fun and crazy, while far less dangerous. He suggested gathering at one end of the main thoroughfare, stripping down to nothing but the typical Southeast Alaskan rubber boots, and running through town waving 'good-bye' to the summer's visitors and 'hello' to the returning salmon. We would call it "The Running of the Boots", and people would come from miles around to participate or to stare in wonder.

Of course, by the time the 'Run' became a reality, it had to be made a little more socially acceptable, so the 'nothing but' has been replaced by any sort of outfit that runners choose; the zanier the better.

Through the Years: In Logos

1995, by Allison Kaputo

1996, by Norm Campbell

1997, by Ed Coatney

1998, by John Osbakken

1999, by Douglas Comstock

2000, by Suzie Shiltz

2001, by Mark Bartlett

2002, by Susan Brawnlyn

2003, by Maria Cariaga

2004, by Noelle Kennedy

2005, by Cathy Parker
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